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Resource Description
Demo Resource 031918A /core/fileparse.php/1920/urlt/demo-resource-1a.pdf
Updated May 18, 2018
Demo Resource 031918B /core/fileparse.php/1920/urlt/demo-resource-1b.pdf
Demo Resource 031918C /core/fileparse.php/1920/urlt/demo-resource-1c.pdf
This is a demo resource with multiple files.
Character title – Item 1 (Coming Soon)
This is a test for a character issue where ' don't display correctly.
Demo Resource 180329A /core/fileparse.php/1920/urlt/demo-resource-180329a.pdf
Demo Resource 180329B /core/fileparse.php/1920/urlt/demo-resource-180329b.pdf
Demo Resource 180329C /core/fileparse.php/1920/urlt/demo-resource-180329c.pdf
This is a sample resource with multiple files. This resource is here to test MailChimp.
Demo Resource 180412 /core/fileparse.php/1920/urlt/Items-and-Reporting-Categories-on-INTERIM_-Grade-11-MATH-ICA.pdf
This resource has one file and is being used to test the single file MailChimp template.
This is a sample of an external resource.
This is a flash file
Resource 180322A /core/fileparse.php/1920/urlt/demo-resource-3a.pdf
Resource 180322B /core/fileparse.php/1920/urlt/demo-resource-3b.pdf
Resource 180322C /core/fileparse.php/1920/urlt/demo-resource-3c.pdf
This is the third multi file resource sample.
This is a sample resource.
Sample Resource 180323A /core/fileparse.php/1920/urlt/demo-resource-4a.pdf
Sample Resource 180323B /core/fileparse.php/1920/urlt/demo-resource-4b.pdf
Sample Resource 180323C /core/fileparse.php/1920/urlt/demo-resource-4c.pdf
This is another multi file resource sample.
Sample Resource 180330A /core/fileparse.php/1920/urlt/demo-resource-180330a.pdf
Sample Resource 180330B /core/fileparse.php/1920/urlt/demo-resource-180330b.pdf
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Duis vestibulum vel lectus eu gravida. In hac habitasse platea dictumst. Morbi id massa id ex malesuada finibus sit amet in nibh. Sed euismod nulla rutrum lorem porttitor, at tincidunt urna semper.
Sample Resource File (Coming Soon)
This is the description.
Single Resource /core/fileparse.php/1920/urlt/demo-resource-d.docx
This is a sample resource.
Test Resource 180327a /core/fileparse.php/1920/urlt/demo-resource-180327a.pdf
Test Resource 180327b /core/fileparse.php/1920/urlt/demo-resource-180327b.pdf
This is another test resource with multiple files.
Solodev Test /core/fileparse.php/1920/urlt/Sample-Resource-2.pdf
Test Resource's /core/fileparse.php/1920/urlt/Sample-Resource-1.pdf
test /core/fileparse.php/1920/urlt/Sample-Resource-1.pdf
new test /core/fileparse.php/1920/urlt/Sample-Resource-2.pdf
This is a test of the special characters to see if they will show ' " < > - & ; : doesn't
This is the 1st file
This is the 2nd file /core/fileparse.php/1920/urlt/demo-resource-1a.pdf
This is a check for Multiple Resource Files Email Check